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Combined tillage-sowing unit«АКPD-6R»

Combined tillage-sowing unit«АКPD-6R»

The usage of sowing unit AKPD-6R permits to prepare soil and sow per one pass. It provides high quality of tillage, forms plane surface of the field, provides even working depth and qualitative sewing.
Combined sowing unit “AKPD- 6R” serves for tillage with simultaneous sowing of grain and leguminous crops, rape and grass. The unit consists of disk-harrow “Rubin” and air seeder “Solitair”.

Seed-fertilizer seeder “SZTM-4N”

Seeder with application of mineral fertilizers

Seed-fertilizer seeder “SZTM-4N” serves for direct drilling of grain (wheat, rye, barley, oats), leguminous (pea, lupine, vetch, soya), grass and other cultures (rape, clover, alfalfa) with simultaneous application of  initial doses of granular mineral fertilizers. The seed hopper is made of stainless steel and consists of two sections: for seeds and fertilizers. It can be also used without using fertilizers. Seed drill consists of feed hopper, sowing system, coulter beam equipped with double-disk coulter and pressure rollers.