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Disk stalk

Reference number (Lemken): 
4128170 / 4128171
Product name and part numer in PC «VMP» catalog: 
Disk stalk AD6-50.00.006

Even stalk of hemispherical disk has it`s individual spring protection, that prevent overloads and guarantees even functioning of disks 3490467.

Стойка установлена на дисковой бороне Rubin 9 (АД-600 "Рубин") - 24 (левых),24 (правых), АДНП-3 - по 12 шт. (левых и правых), а так же  посевных агрегатах АКПД-6Р по 24 шт. (левых и правых), АПП-6Д. Produced at PC “VMRZ” stalk is made of high quality steel and undergoes thermal treatment. Our stalks` quality doesn`t yield to European analogues. PC “VMRZ” produces spare parts for agricultural technics and propose naves for disk harrow Rubin. Stalk is mounted at disk harrow Rubin 9 (AD-600 Rubin) – 24 left and 24 right, ADPN-3- 12 left and right and at combined seeders AKPD-6R – 24 left and right, APP-6D.

The part is mounted on the block: 612 8170 / 612 8171 Tine with bearing
Tine with bearing 612 8170 / 612 8171