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Reference number (Lemken): 
Product name and part numer in PC «VMP» catalog: 
Compression spring AD6-40.00.001

3298467 compression spring 14x97x202 is mounted at stalk bracket 612 8110

Solid compression springs provide constant working depth even on hard soils, that is significant advantage towards rubber dampers

Service life of compression springs is higher than of rubber dampers.

One more advantage of such  fastening is good overload protection. Meeting an obstacle, such as stones,  hemispherical discs 3490467 can climb independently. Compression springs serve also for quick returning of disks into working position.


Is mounted at disk harrow Rubin 9 (AD-600 Rubin), seeders AKPD-6R, APP-6D


Количество единиц в одном узле: 
The part is mounted on the block: 612 8092 Stalk bracket 612 8092
stalk bracket Rubin 612 8092