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Stalk bracket 612 8110

Stalk bracket 612 8110
Reference number: 
612 8110
VMRZ name and reference number: 
Stalk bracket AD6-40.00.000-01

Stalk bracket (612 8110) – is a unit that fastens the leg 412 8170 Lemken with hemispherical disk 349 0467 to the frame of the disk harrow.

Stalk brackets are protected from overloads by solid springs and guarantee steady operation of disks even on heavy soil.

Thanks to considered construction of legs fastening, with hemispherical disk to the frame of the disk harrow Rubin, legs are placed independently  at tout spring elements of stalk brackets.

If compared with other methods of hanging of operating elements, it becomes clear that spring elements provide constant optimal pressure on disks, thus allowing long operation of the unit.


Bearing AD6-40.00.005

Bearing 427 8170 is mounted under spring 329 8469.

Design feature of the bearing  holds the spring in working position even with  large loads.


Frame Rubin bracket.

Bracket 412 8110 is 90х90/D20x128-D18 and enters into subunit stalk bracket 6128110 that connect working units of disk harrow Rubin with it`s basic frame.


Compression spring AD6-40.00.001

3298467 compression spring 14x97x202 is mounted at stalk bracket 612 8110

Solid compression springs provide constant working depth even on hard soils, that is significant advantage towards rubber dampers

Service life of compression springs is higher than of rubber dampers.

One more advantage of such  fastening is good overload protection. Meeting an obstacle, such as stones,  hemispherical discs 3490467 can climb independently. Compression springs serve also for quick returning of disks into working position.



U-bolt AD 6-40.00.004

U-bolt  of the disk-harrow 301 7795 is used for fastening of the unit “stalk bracket” 612 8110 to the main frame of the disk-harrow “Rubin”