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pr.Frunze, 81 block 3
Vitebsk, Belarus, 210101

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Harrow tine

Reference number (Lemken): 
Product name and part numer in PC «VMP» catalog: 
Harrow tine VMRZ 353 7054

Coverer  serves for good soil levelling and covering of seeds. One harrow tine serves for two seed rows.

Our plant produces two types of coverers:

- Spring coverer 3537054;

– Coverer VMRZ 353 7054.


Coverer produced at PC “Vitebsk motoreparing plant” is used at seeders LEMKEN Saphir 7-300 -  12 pcs. ,LEMKEN Solitair 9 AKPD-6R, APP-6A, APP-6D, APP-6G, APP-6P.

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