Domestic manufacture of agricultural machinery and spare parts
We work in Belarus, Russia and others countries

pr.Frunze, 81 block 3
Vitebsk, Belarus, 210101

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Seed distributor  SPR 08.10.00

Seeding tubes are placed outside the hopper for seeds above the coulter frame.Flexible hoses, that connect a distributor and a coulter  are of the equal length for precise seeds distribution. Constant flow in flexible hose prevents clogging. Distributor opens easily to control.

Harrow tine

Загортач 3537054

Coverer  serves for good soil levelling and covering of seeds. One harrow tine serves for two seed rows.

Our plant produces two types of coverers:

- Spring coverer 3537054;

– Coverer VMRZ 353 7054.



Диск АД-6-50.00.007

Disk 3490467 is mounted at disk harrow Rubin. Half-spherical disks are  of 620 mm in deameter and 6mm thickness provide high quality tillage. There are 5 holes in disk for nave 5550543/ 5550542  fastening.

Thernal treated disks provide longer service life and reduce maintenance costs .