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Pressure roller

Reference number (Lemken): 
Product name and part numer in PC «VMP» catalog: 
Pressure roller PS 6-10.03.00А3

Pressure rollers provide ideal seeds packing and moisture inflow, even rootage forming, that leads to good and even sprouts. 3576001 Pressure roller is equipped with bearing, pin, bush, bolt, nut and cover. The pressure roller is fully ready to installation.

Pressure rollers 357 6001 (PS6-10.03.00A3) produced at PC “Vitebsk motoreparing plant” is used at seeders: LEMKEN Saphir 7-300 – 24pcs. ,LEMKEN Solitair 9, AKPD-6R, АPP-6А, АPP-6S, АPP-6G, АPP-6P.


The part is mounted on the block: 682 6032 Double disc coulter
Double disc coulter