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Ploughshare disk

Reference number (Lemken): 
Product name and part numer in PC «VMP» catalog: 
ступицы Disk PC6-10.01.01 without nave

Ploughshare disk 349 0010 is mounted at seeder Solitair.

Double-disk  ploughshare Lemken, are fastened to ploughshare post 5826032. Even at high working speed , the working depth remains perfect. Ploughshare pressure and working depth are regulated independently from each other. These independent conditions guarantee strict sowing.

Producer`s reference number is DISK PC6-10.01.01.

Ploughshare disk produced by PC “Vitebsk motoreparing plant” is used at seeders LEMKEN Saphir 7-300 – 24pcs,. LEMKEN Solitair 9, AKPD-6R, APP-6A, APP-6D, APP-6G, APP-6P

Количество единиц в одном узле: 
The part is mounted on the block: 682 6032 Double disc coulter
Double disc coulter